What’s Up With The Sniffer

Hi there, Nora here. Well, we've had some...issues with the venerable, nearly-ten-years-old Sniffer. We have a new feed, which appears to be working, but we're still sorting out some issues with iTunes. If you want to subscribe in iTunes, you can do so manually by following Cathi's instructions, below. If you're not using iTunes, please subscribe via the 'subscribe to the podcast' link at right. In the meantime, we're putting out new episodes because we REALLY MISSED IT...and you! From Cathi: Hi all Here is how you can once again subscribe to The Sniffer in iTunes, but you’re going to need to bypass their usual subscription process. It’s easy and it’s FUN! Open your iTunes store, so you just have the bar across the top that says FILE EDIT VIEW etc. Click on FILE and then go down to where it says 'subscribe to podcast'. Paste in our new feed in the URL box http://feeds.thesniffer.net/sniffer and poof you are now manually subscribed. Thanks for bearing with us as we diligently work on this. On the positive side, I am making new friends with the nerds at iTunes in Sacramento.    

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