we’re twittering about hot, stodgy brits

OK, OK.  We dropped the ball by not talking about Twitter before this.  Cathi's been spending all her time in Second Life, so that's her excuse.  Nora's divided between her 'this is cool' self and her 'omg, how does anyone get any work done' self. Also, New Scientist reports on a new study about the behaviour of real world social networks.  It seems that small groups need minimal turnover to thrive, whereas large groups need lots of new blood.  What are the implications for online social networks? Meanwhile, trendwatcher Cathi says the Mackintosh, that trench long favoured by British Bobbies, is making a big, trendy comeback. Nora wonders, with Muji making chic, no name waves, is the designer label fetish in danger? (via Business Week)

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