Trent Reznor Doesn’t Think Nora’s a Dork, Yet.

Cathi brings us this news from the International Herald Tribune, that the US may take China to the WTO in an effort to get the Chinese government to crack down on piracy. Nora finds this hilarious old Peter Cook/Dudley Moore takeoff of the Thunderbirds-era marionette spy shows (via boingboing). Nora and Cathi speculate there may be a return, again, to swinging 60s English hipness...Dak shoes, Mackintosh's, Bedazzled, and Peter Cook!  Ooh, where's my Ben Sherman shirt? Nora promises this is just about the last time she mentions gaming blending the real world and the virtual.  Nine Inch Nails are marketing their new album using an alternate reality game. There. Was that so painful, Cathi?

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