trendwatching: solar apps, return of the zune, cell phone wars

In this trendwatching podcast, Cathi Bond connects to her inner James Bond with this amphibian car-boat.  She also talks about a great new solar application: Konarka makes this flexible surface that you can put on your windows.  It seals in heat/coolness and generates power. Meanwhile, Nora picks up on a comment Cathi made about the Zune.  Is its redesigned model ready to hit the big time? WIRED's gadget lab says the new Zune is the "gift of this season".  This leads Cathi and Nora to talk about Google's plans for the cell phone market.  Cathi refers to this Vanity Fair article and the future of gadgets. Should Apple be worried? Nora also talks about the Open Handset Alliance (well, she would have if she could have remembered the name of it!) and Google's plans.  Is it "rule by anarchy" as VF thinks?

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