trendwatching: extending the brand and cat treats

In this podcast, Cathi Bond tells Nora about "plushies" only to be told that Vanity Fair had a piece about it six years ago. She also points to a deal Wendy's has made with the Rhapsody digital music service to distribute a free mp3 with your purchase. Is this smart marketing or over-extending the brand? What do you think? Meanwhile, explains the high tech workings of the Litter Robot to deal with pesky litter (via wired. Cathi alerts Nora to the question of whether clumping cat litter is harmful to cats or not. This ASPCA article lays out some of the information. Anyone have hard evidence? Also, Nora doesn't recall where she heard former PM Jean Chretien as a 'street fightin' man', but the tough ol' scrapper seems like a good nickname for her cat!

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