Tiny Houses and Fixers for Tourists

Long-time listeners will know that Cathi Bond has an, ummm, interest? fixation? with tiny, well-designed housing, especially if it's mobile! She's particularly intrigued by Leaf House, a company that designs and builds elegant, tiny, organized mobile homes. You can find version 3 here, which features 'quad pane' windows, designed to make the home comfortable even in Arctic temperatures. You can see images here.

Meanwhile, Nora Young talks about Zoolafix, which aims to connect travelers to London or New York with a local 'fixer', based on shared common interests in nightlife. Your 'fixer' does things like line up for drinks and getting you into nightclubs (via Springwise). It's a good example of the ongoing trend in matching up people and services in different cities. Would you use it?

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