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The Sniffer, July 19, 2013: Trends in Search and Summer Fun

Summer Happy summer, all! This time around, Cathi Bond has some tips for summer fun. Going to be away all day at the beach? Why not feed your pet remotely with Pintofeed, an app-controlled food dispenser! Not only does it let you feed your pet remotely, it gives you all kinds of stats on your little sweetie's eating habits. Sounds about right for the Quantified Self pet owner in your life! (Via Gizmag). Plus, what's better on a hot day than a cold beer? Cathi's all excited about the Chillsner. Just pop a frozen Chillsner in your beer, and you're good to go (via Gizmag). Meanwhile, Nora Young's been trying out DuckDuckGo as a search engine, mostly because she's curious about a search tool that doesn't track user data. New Scientist has an interesting interview with its creator here. It has Cathi and Nora wondering if there's a market for tools that protect privacy. Do you think regular people are starting to get fed up with tracking?

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