Nano Nano…Good? Bad? Definitely Coming….

Hi kids Just dropping a quick note because the news today is all about how IBM and the nano game. Food for thought methinks. Gizmag claims IBM today announced two major scientific achievements in the field of nanotechnology that could one day lead to new kinds of devices and structures built from a few atoms or molecules. Such Lilliputian, atomic-scale devices might be used as future computer chips, storage devices, sensors and for applications nobody has imagined yet. The work will be unveiled tomorrow in two reports being published by the journal Science. In the first report, IBM scientists describe major progress in probing a property called magnetic anisotropy in individual atoms. This fundamental measurement has important technological consequences because it determines an atom’s ability to store information. Previously, nobody had been able to measure the magnetic anisotropy of a single atom.   And the NY Times is covering it too Gee I'm so glad I found my password for the blog. It's been hell without it. Nora and I will be back on Tuesday with regular podcasts. It's been great having a break but we're jonesing for y'all. Cath

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