At Least in Logan’s Run, they lived ’til 30!

Cathi finds a creepy story in the New York Times, suggesting that in the startup world, at least, you're only 'hot' until you're 27. What about the knowledge base of older creative entrepreneurs?  In a (kinda) related story, she points to this interview (via Better Humans) with a transhumanist who wants to live to be 1,000, because he has so many plans. Cathi wonders if this is a creeping generational narcissism. Nora says it reminds her of this book, but says her main problem with transhumanists is that the reply to their critics about the potential inequality between those who have access to these technologies and those who don't, is always a naive, 'oh well, of course it will be equal'. After all Cathi's thought-provoking stuff, Nora brings you....customized muesli! (via psfk)

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