trendwatching: Indian social networking and smart water solutions

In this podcast, Nora Young refers to this Business Week article on how made-in-India social networking sites are taking off.  Cathi and Nora talk about some of the new directions in the Indian economy.  Nora also mentions the work of New York Times journalist, Anand Giridharadas.  You can read some of his older articles at his blog, here. Meanwhile, Cathi Bond returns to a story she mentioned a long time ago, the Life Straw, a simple, er, straw, that removes dangerous bacteria from water.  It has been touted as a straightforward, cheap solution for the problem of poor water quality in less developed areas.  Apparently, one of the big stumbling blocks--the fact that it made water taste like iodine--has been solved.  This Gizmag article includes information on making donations of a Life Straw

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