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No RX Elavil, In this trendwatching podcast, Cathi Bond refers to the Like Minds conference, and the observation that social media isn't free: it costs your, or your employees, labour (via PSFK)

Meanwhile, Nora gives a quick mention of a quote she found at Caterina Fake's blog.  How about you, Elavil japan, 1000mg Elavil, creative types. Does your artistic process seem mysterious to you, Elavil australia, 30mg Elavil, or is it more planned out than that.

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2 responses to “No RX Elavil

  1. I think the quotation's fantastic.

    I work in the theatre, and that phrase sums up a certain aspect of what I do, both as a performer and as a director. Theatre can be a weird art form, however — a strange mixture of intuition and repetition — so perhaps for me I could modify the quotation: 'Like having a vague idea of where I'm going, not knowing the path, but knowing how to navigate in the dark.'

    On a side-note, for tech-geeks like myself, there's an interesting online radio station called Mission Control to which I've become addicted. It's light ambient music, mainly atmospheric electronic, laid over recorded audio transmissions from various NASA missions. I think it's Awesome.

    It can be found here:

  2. Hey BensonBot,

    Thanks for the comments and suggestion. I recently read The Design of Business, by Roger Martin, which talks about applying design thinking to the work world. He talks about how there are three stages: the real design/problem solving stage, where you have to be much more free, and not look for formulae or 'proof', followed by a somewhat more rule-bound process.

    Have you read Twyla Tharp's book on creativity? I love it:

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