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Discount Toprol, In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young says she too, like everyone else, loves that new Cee-Lo Green song:

Cathi Bond, though, not so much. She's more on the Eminem/Rihanna tip:

What do you think, 150mg Toprol. Toprol overseas, What should be the 'song of the summer'.

In more tech-related news, 30mg Toprol, Toprol craiglist, Cathi talks about BAE System's amazing new helmet for detecting the impact--and potential head injury--of accidents. Currently in use in the military, 40mg Toprol, 250mg Toprol, can't you imagine this being used in sports. (via Gizmag)

Nora mentions the launch of Facebook Places, Toprol ebay, 1000mg Toprol, the latest in a series of location-based services that let you 'check in' to locations, or, Toprol us, Toprol coupon, unless you opt out, have your friends check you in, Toprol paypal. Toprol australia, Facebook already has a considerable 'network effect'; could this be the watershed moment for location-based services. Would you use Facebook Places, 100mg Toprol. Toprol india. 750mg Toprol. Toprol usa. Toprol mexico. Toprol japan. Toprol uk. 200mg Toprol. 50mg Toprol. Toprol canada. 20mg Toprol. 10mg Toprol. 500mg Toprol.

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8 responses to “Discount Toprol

  1. In the heat of the Summer, I think of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back in Town" as so much a part of my teen years that it's a perrenial Summer song, a kind of Summer butterfly bush of nostalgia.

    When September comes, though, and things move from Summer exuberance to passing-of-Summer reverie, my mood changes to a quieter form of nostalgia. This late Summer, I've listened a goodish few times to Emilie Lund's

    "Childhood Friend", from her Creative Commons release on Aaah Records, which, somehow appropriately, is paired here with a memorialization of a nature hike:

    Here's to passing times and remembered walks.

  2. I like Kick Out the Jams for my fall music. And of course Brian Wilson Reimagining Gerswhin, which is new and wonderful!

  3. Ooh, this is an interesting conversation: autumn music! In terms of pure nostalgia, I think Summer Wind by Sinatra really connects me to end-of-summer in a particular time (my early 20s) and place. Maybe it's because there's a Bruce Springsteen documentary at the Film Festival here in Toronto, but I've been listening to Darkness on the Edge of Town lately.

  4. Darkness on the Edge of Town is definitely Autumn music. I love the part of "Candy's Room" in which the vocal crescendo–"what she want IS…." and then the verse picks up "tonight, oh…." just before the "me"–September, definitely. Sinatra has so many good Autumn songs.

    I like to put songs in seasons: Brian Eno's "Julie With…." from Before and After Science is a warm Spring day for me. John Lennon's version of "Jealous Guy" is May, but Roxy Music's cover is October. On the other hand, the Fun Boy 3 "Our Lips are Sealed" is December, while the Go Go's version is June. At least the Smiths are always gloomy months–and Earth, Wind and Fire is always "September".

  5. I who's seen Idiocracy, or read Super Sad True Love Story. This only proves their version of the future seems not too far off.

  6. Errr no "I'" at the beginning of that comment.

  7. I just finished reading Super Sad True Love Story, actually. I can't remember the last time I read a book that made me laugh out loud while also being so, well, super sad.

  8. What about MY novel? 🙂 I'm going to have to get out my vinyl copy of The River. I remember loving that album. When I think of autumn I think of Gershwin, but I think that's because of Woody Allen and maybe…..Brian Wilson!

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