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  1. The Japanese tube hotel is decades along now, and l believe that it's already given some proof of concept, e.g., http://www.yesicanusechopsticks.com/capsule/

    It's hard to dislike the notion of transmedia story-telling. I'm puzzling out in my mind where fanfiction fits in all this notion. On the one hand, it's a populist expression of community and creativity. On the other hand, it runs, in my worthless opinion, the risk of sidetracking real talents into rabbit trails. Imagine if the creator of http://www.xkcd.com only remixed Peanuts. I love a remix as much (i.e., much more) as the next person. Yet I see new vistas in indie video, and dead ends in merely writing homage to "conventional" mass media creations.

  2. My nephew got stuck in the Toronto airport thanks to the Nigerian bomber and a sleep box would have been perfect for him.

    Currently I am right in the middle of trying to figure out if I need to figure out alterative narratives for other characters in my novel. It is first person. It's interesting, but daunting, to say the least.

    Happy New Year Gurdy Guy!

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