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5 responses to “Where Can I Buy Temovate

  1. I picked up an Asus Eee netbook last summer. It's not really mini like the things that are being talked about these days, but I really like it. I got it originally for traveling and have carried it around New England and for 6 weeks in New Zealand. I even use it lots here at home 'cause I can go anywhere in the house to work or research, it turns on quickly, it's small, light and plenty fast enough for me. To the annoyance of my partner, I can even take it along to restaurants – just to check for Internet connectivity, of course 😉

  2. I ardently believe in last year's technology at low prices. I believe that, as with digital watches, we will reach the point in which a lot of electronics are less-than-the-fastest but fast enough,and cost nearly nothing.

    In that spirit, I sent off a check for the 99 dollar netbook, the Cherrypal Africa.


    Let's see what a slow, adequate [but admirably green and Linux] netbook can do.

    I wish that all of rural China and all of rural India and all of rural Indonesia could evolve much more consumer economy, but using sustainable fuels and less irresponsible credit. I hope that wish is not a pipe dream.

  3. Hey Dave,

    Apologies, your comment got caught in the spam filter. I've never heard a bad word about the Eee from anyone who has used them.

  4. Another good thing about the Asus Eee pc is that it does not overheat when used over long periods of time. ''

  5. i alway use my Asus EEE PC when i am out of town because it is very light**;

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