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Imitrex For Sale, In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young mentions that avant garde fashion label, Comme des Garçons, is coming to H&M (via her new blog crush, Dinosaurs and Robots)  Discussion of shopping addiction ensues. (BTW, Imitrex uk, 30mg Imitrex, the book that Nora couldn't remember the name of is a history of glamour, called, 10mg Imitrex, Imitrex ebay, erm, Glamour)

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  1. During a trip to Kansas City for the American Thanksgiving holiday, I was struck by the opinion expressed by one thoughtful person that sought to impute blame to the media for the current economic crisis. My own view is that media tends to be a convenient scapegoat when any social problem arises. I don't think that publicity is what has caused our current near-melt-down (and could argue that a lack of investigative journalism would be more an issue than publicizing the current dilemmae).

    But every idea has its use, and this podcast causes me to explore the notion of "what does the belief in a coming depression do for the way the businesses will market their wares?". Will, as you express, Comme des Garcons adopt the view that "money in the door" matters more than the risk of being seen as "slumming it"? This "slumming" business, by the way, is very tricky, because if one is "slumming it" in a kind of Basquiat way, it's got cachet, but if one is "slumming it" in a Jacqueline Smith way, it has a kind of declasse' factory-built feel to it.

    I don't quite have in grasp some unified field theory of how high fashion might view 1929 as a marketing opportunity, but I have this odd notion that there is something very "meta" about chic,. Yesterday's post-heroin waif may become tomorrow's stylish homeless orphan.

    When young people must all dress from thrift stores, then high fashion tends to go retro. Perhaps in some indirect way, H & M may become style setters for Comme des Garcons to imitate, as the media notion of a coming depression makes even high fashion long for the day when it provided counterpoint to solid, staunch western prairie casual garb–

    and the models begin wearing denim with abandon.

    But perhaps the fancy I'm reaching is a bit stretched–as my memory tells me that the denim revolution in high fashion did not come about because of economic depression, but during the economic boom of the 1960s. Perhaps the height of fashion arises in the dearth of money–in the same way that Brideshead Revisited could only be written during the ration years of World War Two.

    Aside from this "meta" ramble, though, my own hope is that we see far more collaborations of this type–as the high art/popular culture war is, to my mind, more insidious and counter-productive than forgetting a combination on a bike lock.

  2. interesting…. i too was thinking about 1929 and fashion and tom brokaw's new book entiteld something like "the greatest generation." it's funny. it's almost like you have a generation that spends everything (aka the last gilded aged and the roaring 20s and greed and opulence everywhere) then you have the crash and all the suffering and crawling back by saving saving. then you have WWII and the following years of opulence, escalating into the greedaganza of the last 20 years, followed by another spectacular crash. which of course my nieces and nephews will have to clean up. along with me and probably you too. ick.

    i only wonder if we'll ever get out of the greed phase now, because it's what the entire global economy is hinged on.

    i think china will write off the U.S.'s debt load. it's in their best interest to keep us all china shopping crack whores.

    think about what would happen if we didn't?

    what would we do?




    ps thanks for the very thoughtful ramble. mine i'm afraid, is not quite up to the bar set. but i did just watch the incredible hulk.

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