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  1. I grew up a "town boy" among lots of rural people, which had the advantage of teaching me a farming and forestry language and a sense of an aesthetic for the rural farm life, without experiencing the inconvenience of actually harvesting soybeans, bailing hay, or even running the fabled "skidder" vehicle over trees.

    I think, though, that many of us see the ability to grow crops as part of a sustainability drive in a "more local" future. Yet the attitudes are shifting more quickly than the culture. Here's an article about a fellow in Kansas City who found his wonderful urban gardening enterprise runs afoul of city ordinances aimed at protecting neighborhoods:

    So often these tussles are not 'good v. evil', but 'one good in one context v. another good in another context'.

    Do we all long to be more rural, and is farmtown a substitute for the

    tilled fields in all our souls? I do not believe so–nor is mafiawars

    our secret inmost desire.

    But we all long for simplicity and certainty–and farm life seems to ofer that in some ways. Perhaps it's appealing because its "certainties"–the vagaries of weather, the certainty of down years–are anything but simple, really.

  2. you're right gurdonark. i am looking out over 200 acres of wet corn. corn that likely won't be good for anything! not even cattle feed, because of the weather this summer. it's a huge loss for the farmer. a wipe out if they've planted all corn.

    that said, my heart now belongs here more than anywhere else on earth.

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