The Sniffer, Sept 7th, 2013: Trends in Smart Watches and Phones

Hi all! Welcome back to season NINE(!) of The Sniffer! This time, Cathi Bond and Nora Young pick up on a trend they talked about last season: smart watches. The Samsung Galaxy Gear came out this week to lots of buzz. Cathi rounds out some of the rumour mill about other smart watches coming down the pike. The Guardian has a great summary here. Would you wear a smart watch? Do you see it doing stuff that your phone doesn't? Let us know in the comments below. Nora Young has been reading this article by Nick Bilton. It reminded her that travelling with friends now means that you bring their social media friends along with you, since part of vacationing for so many people involves posting photos-as-you-go. Have you had this experience? Does it change the nature of vacationing for you? Nora also points out that although it's very convenient to have GPS, maps and guide books with you on your phone, it takes a lot of the serendipity out of travelling. Your thoughts welcome, and thanks for joining us for another season of the podcast!

4 responses to “The Sniffer, Sept 7th, 2013: Trends in Smart Watches and Phones

  1. Happy anniversary! I love that you two are still rockin' The Sniffer after all these years.

    Your episode made me think. I wonder if iPhones are growing slightly in size to make an iWatch more appealing. Hmmm….

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey, thanks Dave! I can NOT believe we have been doing this since 2005! Survived the pod fade!

  3. Thanks! Great episode!

    Congratulations on your ninth season!

    It's interesting to observe how I used to ask people for the time and they'd turn and respond, to how they dig around in their pocketto find their phone and turn it on to respond; and now they may be going back to their wrists.

    People stopped wearing their watch because, perhaps, the phone or smartphone was a better and more effective technology — make a wrist addition, and I think folks will eat it up.

    As I've said before, it's only a matter of time before we have the wristband à la Bob from 'Reboot' or Leela from 'Futurama'… And I, for one, welcome that!

  4. Hi Kahuna

    Thanks for the kind wishes! I know what you mean about asking people for the time. Not that long ago you would think watches were dying out. I always carry a bag and I don't really like the feeling of having stuff on my wrist, but I think a lot of people are like Cathi, and don't really like carrying a phone. Plus, it's true that watches are cool!

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