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The Sniffer, June 21st, 2013: Trends in Retail and Books

This time around, Cathi Bond looks at the rise of high-end automated kiosks for selling a wide range of products (meat, for instance!). The idea is to make sales, drive traffic to the fewer remaining bricks and mortar stores. Logical, but another sign of the automation of people's jobs. Nora Young looks at Qantas Airlines plans to launch a line of books. The length of the book varies by how long your flight is (via Springwise). Death of literature or simply a reaction to our time-crunched times? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

The Sniffer, June 2nd, 2013: Trends in Books, A.I., Tree-houses, and Data

This time around, we do a bit of a debrief about Cathi Bond's book launch. Nora Young talks about an upcoming episode of Nora's show Spark, on the future of work, and wonders what are the jobs that humans - for sure - can do, that A.I. programs can't down the road. She mentions this New Scientist article on A.I. taking on some functions traditionally performed by judges. You can find some of Spark's past coverage on this issue here and here. So, what do you think? Based on how A.I. is progressing, what would you advise young people to go into as a career? Cathi's obsession with nests, cocoons, and tree-houses continues. This time it's a model rainforest in Cornwall that includes a very cool tree-house where you can stay over amongst the trees! (Via Gizmag) Nora's obsession with data continues as well. This time, it's a neat project launched by Intel's R&D wing and some TED fellows: We The Data is a platform for thinking up democratic approaches to data use (via Technology Review) Along the way, Nora refers to research at MIT, and practical uses of feature phone data.

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Buy Flexeril Over The Counter, This time, trendwatching pals, everything old is new again, at least in retail. 20mg Flexeril, Cathi Bond hearkens back to the tinkerer and the bookmobile with Styleliner, a mobile boutique fashioned out of an old chip truck (via PSFK), 100mg Flexeril. Flexeril us, How important is in-person shopping to you. Is online OK for some things but not others, 1000mg Flexeril. Flexeril craiglist, Nora Young looks at a new experiment in the growing attempt to marry the digital and the paper book in creative ways. Between Page and Screen uses augmented reality to create a 3D experience with books (via Springwise), buy Flexeril Over The Counter. Is this the beginning of a more sculptural approach to text, 30mg Flexeril. 10mg Flexeril, A cool niche a la Griffin and Sabine or The Raw Shark Texts. More importantly, Flexeril japan, 150mg Flexeril, would you read like this, or do you prefer good ol' linear text, Flexeril paypal. Flexeril mexico, . 500mg Flexeril. Flexeril overseas. Flexeril canada. Flexeril india. Flexeril australia. 200mg Flexeril. Flexeril uk. Flexeril ebay. 50mg Flexeril. Flexeril coupon. 40mg Flexeril. Flexeril usa. 750mg Flexeril. 250mg Flexeril.

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Buy Valtrex No Prescription, So, the sniffer's in a jam. Valtrex ebay, The podcast continues to go out to anyone who is subscribed, but over at iTunes, 500mg Valtrex, Valtrex overseas, it displays no new podcast episodes after July. We can't figure out what the heck is going on, 150mg Valtrex. 750mg Valtrex, Do you have any ideas. Leave a comment or get in touch via cathnora [at] gmail [dot] com, Valtrex australia.

Now onto the business of the podcast, Buy Valtrex No Prescription. Valtrex mexico, In this trendwatching episode, Nora Young talks about Google Art Project, 200mg Valtrex, Valtrex usa, your chance to tour some of the world's great art galleries from the comfort of your mouse. The Guardian has an excellent write-up about it here, Valtrex coupon. 10mg Valtrex, What do you think the applications for these virtual art worlds might be.

Meanwhile, 100mg Valtrex, 30mg Valtrex, Cathi Bond mentions her friends, Scott and Andrea, Valtrex uk, 20mg Valtrex, who have built a giant bookcase, and are committed to amassing a permanent, Valtrex craiglist, 1000mg Valtrex, hardcover library in an age of disposable and virtual media.

Scott and Andrea

What arts and entertainment do you want to protect in a permanent, Valtrex paypal, Valtrex india, durable, analogue format, Valtrex canada. 40mg Valtrex. Valtrex japan. 250mg Valtrex. Valtrex us. 50mg Valtrex.

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Discount Accutane, In this trendwatching podcast, Cathi Bond talks about her podcasting pal, Judy Rebick's new book, Transforming Power.  

Meanwhile, 750mg Accutane, Accutane coupon, Nora Young picks up on CScout's look at what it calls the "precycling" trend: instead of just recycling, reducing packaging and making more DIY goods, Accutane india. 200mg Accutane, Cathi can't get past the vermiposting. 250mg Accutane. Accutane usa. Accutane australia. 500mg Accutane. Accutane overseas. 100mg Accutane. Accutane canada. Accutane craiglist. Accutane mexico. 50mg Accutane. Accutane paypal. Accutane ebay. 1000mg Accutane. 30mg Accutane. 40mg Accutane. 10mg Accutane. Accutane uk. Accutane us. 150mg Accutane. 20mg Accutane. Accutane japan.

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Where Can I Buy Diclofenac, In this trendwatching podcast, Cathi Bond is sniffing out the return of novel-writing. Does everyone have the Great Canadian Novel sitting in the bottom drawer once again, 40mg Diclofenac. Diclofenac usa, She refers to Hugh McGuire's collaborative blog, Book Oven, 30mg Diclofenac, 750mg Diclofenac, and his novel, Blind Spot, Diclofenac coupon. 20mg Diclofenac, Meanwhile, Nora Young finds this cute casual game, Diclofenac japan, 250mg Diclofenac, Tuttuki Bako, at Design Boom, Diclofenac mexico, Diclofenac canada, that combines the real and the virtual in a very strange, but oddly appealing, Diclofenac uk, 100mg Diclofenac, way.  And Cathi gets her fashion hack on with this steampunk purse made out of old books, Diclofenac ebay. 1000mg Diclofenac. Diclofenac australia. Diclofenac india. Diclofenac us. 500mg Diclofenac. Diclofenac paypal. Diclofenac overseas. 150mg Diclofenac. 50mg Diclofenac. Diclofenac craiglist. 10mg Diclofenac. 200mg Diclofenac.

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