Summer Travel Special – Pandemic Edition

Cathi and Nora are in Nora's backyard again for a couple of takes on how to enjoy summer vacation when many of our conventional travel plans have been disrupted by the pandemic.

Cathi Bond brings you the Luno Air Mattress, an inflatable mattress designed to fit in the back of your vehicle, so you can camp in your car in comfort. Cathi and Nora reminisce about old timey camping with terrible gear!

Nora Young talks about Drive and Listen, a charming website that lets you virtually drive around various cities around the world while listening to local radio from those cities. They chat about the indie internet and VR.

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One response to “Summer Travel Special – Pandemic Edition

  1. So, funny story: I met my wife online in 1990. We got married in 1994. At the time, we had text-only access to the Internet. We used email and Usenet and Gopher and a lot of text-based stuff nobody remembers anymore.

    About a year after we were married, my wife reconnected with an old friend from Australia who she had met on a Usenet newsgroup years before. As they were catching up. she mentioned that she had gotten married. "I know," he replied. "I saw the pictures online."

    As it turns out, one of our ushers had posted photos from our wedding on the web, without us knowing about it or even having access to it.

    I think somewhere we've lost the idea that the Internet can make the world a much smaller place, and it's been nice in the Covid environment to rediscover some of that.

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