Open Source Auto!

I just saw this posted on the Arts Journal and I think it's so neat. How about you?

Can open source techniques be used to design a car?

Hobbyists are taking on the giant car makers with the development of the world's first open source vehicle Sean Dodson Thursday April 12, 2007 The Guardian
Few things seem to excite car designers more than the concept cars they wheel out at international motor shows. Each year gleaming displays of futuristic styling grace the circuit, revealing ever sleeker lines and tantalising technology that promises to do away with the car's deadly addiction to carbon-based fuel.Sadly for environmentalists and futurists alike, these cars rarely go into production. But there's another kind of concept car taking shape on the internet that, one day, just might. Far from the glare of the motor show is a car called the OScar. A concept car with a twist, OScar is being developed by a loose tangle of car designers, engineers and programmers - most working in their spare time - out to challenge the might of the big car makers. For more click here.

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