Learn to Meditate and Subscription Fee Hell

This time, Cathi Bond talks about subscription fee creep, where inch by inch your monthly subscriptions are piling up. Here's Gizmodo's interesting take. How about you? Do you find the number of services you're subscribed to creeping up?

Meanwhile, Nora Young talks about this lovely and helpful post over at Legal Nomads. It's a curated 10 week introduction to meditation, that gives you a taste of a number of mainstream meditation approaches, so you can see what works for you.

And, are you having a bad day? Could you use a little sweetness in your life? Check out these Swiss cat ladders over at Core 77!

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2 responses to “Learn to Meditate and Subscription Fee Hell

  1. I don't listen to the Sniffer for the broadcast-quality production value. While I appreciate your caring about your audience enough to close the windows and turn off the climate controls, you don't really need to do that. As long as you can be heard over the background noise, it's all good.

    Subscription services: When we cut the cord many years ago, we decided that when we got to the point where we spent more on renting movies than we would on a Netflix subscription, we'd sign up. A decade later, it still hasn't happened. We did end up as Amazon Prime customers (though mostly that was for the free shipping), and we do use the free streaming services through the library (Hoopla and Kanopy are available and free here through our local library). Maybe it's time to just pick a platform, or unsubscribe from all of them, and see what you really miss.

    When there's something I really want to watch, I'll often use Justwatch (https://www.justwatch.com) to see where it's available. While content is much more exclusive to single platforms these days, a lot of stuff is available in multiple places if you look around. Even a $5 movie rental is cheaper than Netflix if you only do it a couple times a month.

    • Thanks John. I've been trying to think about ways around this for a while. I feel like I'm being dragged across shattered glass, kicking and screaming into using Spotify, or something of its ilk, and forced into buying an expensive smart phone. Well I just bought a new car and I truly believed there would be a CD player in it. Nope. And you can't get one. No matter what you are willing to spend. This just infuriates me, since I have a large music collection. I have heard about the library options and intend to check them out. And me and movies? I also have a huge DVD collection. Appreciate your writing. Cathi

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