eat locally, advertise virtually

Cathi's just finished reading Barbara Kingsolver's new non-fiction book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and is all charged up about eating locally, and growing her own (food).  Would you? For further reading, there's also the experience of the Vancouverites in The Hundred Mile Diet Speaking of local, Nora's rediscovered the Matchbox Garden and Seed Company in the West Queen West neighbourhood for fresh (and cute!) produce. On the virtual tip, what do you make of Coke's new Virtual Thirst campaign, which asks anyone to design a Second Life virtual cola machine that dispenses 'experiences'? Also, see this update on the prize offered, which appeared after we recorded the episode. (Via Marketing and Strategy Innovation Blog) BTW, according to Wikipedia, at least, the Nike Swoosh was designed by then-graphic design student Carolyn Davidson, for which she was paid $35....though she did continue to work for the company.

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