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Best E-reader Ever? And Inside Uber’s Strategy

On today's podcast, Cathi Bond has been on the hunt for the e-reader that can trump the experience of the good old paper book. She surveys reviews of the new Amazon Oasis, and thinks it may be the killer tech for e-books - for a price. Meanwhile, Nora Young points out this terrific story The Guardian did on how Uber approached taking on the London market. Regardless of what you think about Uber, it has great lessons about how to really nail the user experience. Did you like this episode? Please consider sharing it, rating us, or leave a comment! Thanks! [iframe style="border:none" src="" height="100" width="480" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Download MP3

Streaming Music Trends and Autonomous Car Pushback

On this podcast, Nora Young talks about Apple shuttering its iTunes radio service (via Tech Crunch), and Songza being folded into Google Play Music. What does the future hold for streaming music services? Will we start to see artists making exclusive deals with services and distribution platforms as this article suggests we might? On the next edition of Spark, Nora will do two interviews on a related issue: what do new players in the video content world (formerly known as TV and movies) mean for the future of the entertainment biz? Cathi Bond refers to Mixcloud as a source of great curated, streaming music. Here's one of her favourite DJ/curators. Meanwhile, Cathi looks at the growing push for connected cars and autonomous vehicles, including the Obama administrations efforts to get national standards (via PSFK). She is ticked off, and feels that autonomous vehicles are being shoved down our throats. Do you agree? Also, Cathi's first car was a Spitfire; what was yours? Leave us a comment here! [iframe style="border:none" src="" height="100" width="480" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Download MP3

360 Cameras, The News, and Mobile Motion

A look at new developments in media this time. Cathi Bond talks about Bublcam, a round, 360 degree camera on a stick. The Toronto-based startup lets you explore spaces immersively. See, for example, this image. In an interview with PSFK, Brendon Montgomery from Buble Technology talks about how VR experiences might change the news. Meanwhile, Nora Young talks about research that looks at motion sickness in virtual reality, and also in HD video with lots of rapid action watched on mobile (via The Guardian). Cathi and Nora reflect on how much of our use of screens is contrary to how our bodies naturally work. Oh, and here's the early Walter Cronkite newscast Nora mentioned:   [iframe style="border:none" src="" height="100" width="480" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Download MP3

Future of Social Networks and Paid Content Online

On this podcast episode, dealing with "infobloat" online. This. aims to be a social network built on sharing quality journalism. The hitch is that you are only allowed to share ONE link per day. Sign up here, if you're interested. You can read more about what they're up to here. Would you join? Do you think this kind of thing is sustainable? Nora also mentions Next Draft, one dude's daily email newsletter of smart news stories. Cathi Bond talks about PSFK's report on the Future of Retail 2016. You can get a teaser glimpse for free, but if you want the indepth document, it'll set you back about $900. Cathi and Nora talk about the future of paid content. What's the right mix of free info that's useful promotion and value added material that you can charge a lot for? PSFK is presumably targeting businesses at that price point, but what about for individuals? What are you willing to pay for in online news?   [iframe style="border:none" src="" height="100" width="480" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Download MP3

Second Screens, Bot Etiquette, Free Images for your Blog

This time around on the podcast, Cathi Bond talks about an experiment at some movie theatres in China: allowing moviegoers to text comments about the film, which turn up on the side of the screen! The future of social moviegoing, or a distracting nightmare? (via The Verge). Nora Young talks about an intriguing personal assistant A.I. called Amy (read more at PSFK). The bot schedules your meetings and pops the time of the meeting into your calendar. Certainly a cool idea, but it had Nora wondering about future etiquette in a bot-ified world. Should you disclose to the person you're meeting with that they're about to be conversing with a non-human entity? Finally, quick source of free, public domain images for you. The Internet Archive has been taking images from the public domain books it has scanned and is posting them to their Flickr account (Via Ars Technica). The Flickr account is here!

The Sniffer, Nov 19th, 2012: Trends in Broadcasting and, uh, Rocking Chairs

OK trendwatchers, this time, Nora Young talks about how her experience watching the U.S. presidential election results has made her think about the disruptive state of TV right now. Who is a broadcaster now, anyway, when you can watch live TV coverage on Apple TV and original content on Netflix? Has your TV watching behaviour changed? If you're changing the way you watch, does that leave you more open to 'switching'? Also: Google announces voice search. And in other news, are you watching Breaking Bad?? Is it as addictive for you as it is for Cathi and me? Meanwhile, Cathi Bond has TWO stories about tech and rocking chairs! There's the rocking chair that charges your idevice at the same time, and the rocker that knits you a hat while you rock (via Gizmag). Here's the trailer for Netflix's House of Cards

Buy Clonidine Over The Counter

Buy Clonidine Over The Counter, On today's trendwatching podcast, Nora Young talks about a new entry to the Knight News Challenge (which is a funding contest to help re-invigorate news for the 21st century). The proposal is to engineer online news feeds so that you can access the perspective of people who are UNLIKE you, Clonidine australia. Clonidine overseas, It's to combat the problem of the social media echo chamber that we encounter when we just read the news our like-minded friends read (via The Atlantic)

Cathi Bond brings us a cool project in more sustainable architecture. It's a social housing project near Madrid, 40mg Clonidine. Clonidine us, Cathi likes it because it's designed with 'flow through' in mind, and because it uses "cogeneration" as a power source, Clonidine canada, Clonidine uk, which allows the waste heat generated to be used for things like heating water (via Architecture Today).

Finally, 1000mg Clonidine, 100mg Clonidine, for history buffs out there, check out Orbis, 50mg Clonidine, 750mg Clonidine, a project from Stanford University which is best thought of as "Google Maps for Ancient Rome". Once you get to the website, 200mg Clonidine, Clonidine paypal, just click on "Mapping Orbis". How would you get around, Clonidine usa. 30mg Clonidine, (Via Ars Technica). Clonidine craiglist. Clonidine coupon. 500mg Clonidine. Clonidine japan. Clonidine mexico. 150mg Clonidine. 250mg Clonidine. Clonidine ebay. 10mg Clonidine. Clonidine india. 20mg Clonidine.

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Discount Vermox

Discount Vermox, Hey trendwatchers. Vermox usa, Today, Nora talks about the news that the guy behind BitTorrent is developing a way to use the peer-to-peer protocol to distribute live content (via Technology Review), 10mg Vermox. 150mg Vermox, The idea has many appealing features, such as lowering distribution costs, 100mg Vermox, Vermox uk, but with live video becoming the bread and butter of TV networks (sports, live reality show contests), 250mg Vermox, Vermox india, will broadcasters balk, or take the bait, Vermox paypal. 50mg Vermox, In other video news, Cathi Bond brings you very cool PivotHead sunglasses, Vermox japan. Vermox canada, Basically, there's a little easy-to-operate video camera embedded in the arm of the glasses, 200mg Vermox. You can see Engadget's video review here, Discount Vermox. Vermox us, As Cathi points out, this could be a great tool for journalists and armchair documentary makers, Vermox australia. 500mg Vermox, Does this mean everyone will turn into a video lifecaster.

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