Battling Digital Distraction and Brand Experiences

On today's podcast, Nora Young talks about this post on dealing with digital distraction by having a clear idea of what you would do instead of being on your phone. She also mentions Nir Eyal's new book, Indistractable.

Meanwhile, Cathi Bond mentions this PSFK article on a sort of 'loyalty card 2.0' approach some retailers are using. Customer loyalty earns people experiences and makes them 'part of the club'.

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2 responses to “Battling Digital Distraction and Brand Experiences

  1. My latest trick is to move the phone and message apps to the second screen. I just have the home screen having all my useful apps out front so when i'm picking music, checking the weather, or looking up something on maps i don't even see messages or e-mail.

  2. That's a good idea. Thanks for listening to the cast cowboy. I was just reading about how one of the top stories for the past decade is about distraction and cellphones. You'll hear Nora and I talking about that in the next show. Especially Cranky Cathi complaining. 🙂 Have a great holiday. Cathi

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