A.I. Therapy and Singularity…or Skynet?

Yay! We're back for season ten(!) of The Sniffer, and excited about another year of trendwatching and sniffing out what's happening in the technoculture. If you're just finding us now, you can learn more about Cathi Bond here, and Nora Young here. Nora is fascinated by technologies of self-tracking, technology and the body, advances in A.I., and bicycle tech. Cathi loves to sniff out trends in arts, culture, and publishing, with a side dish of robots, rural tech, and wacky gear. Hope you'll join us! This time, Nora looks at the story of Ellie, the A.I. psychologist, and wonders if, nearly 50 years after Eliza, A.I. therapy might be ready for its closeup. Would you engage with an artificial intelligence therapist? (Via The Economist). Cathi takes a broader view with a recap and thoughts on Nell Watson's recent talk about the future of A.I (via Gizmodo). Have we reached a point where A.I. is actually ready to do the kinds of things the past ~50 years have promised? Will they take all our jobs? You can watch the video for Humans Need Not Apply here.

2 responses to “A.I. Therapy and Singularity…or Skynet?

  1. Yay comments work again! Great to hear another season get going. The AI questions are something interesting to think about. They will take jobs away. 20 years it would be hard to think of not going to a bank to do banking but now I very rarely go to a bank. Therapy could be a tough one … maybe initial stage? Maybe like banking where the menial tasks can be machine driven but then the more complex are human powered.

  2. I tried commenting here when this first came out and it doesn't appear to be here! Glad to see you guys back and hopefully commenting is working 🙂

    Seems very doom & gloom. I'm used to banking without talking to a person. Maybe I'd be ready to go to a doctor or see counciller if they were not human in 10 years or so? I know that having something that has perfect recall of knowledge seems a better option than a human.

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