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The Sniffer, Nov 19th, 2012: Trends in Broadcasting and, uh, Rocking Chairs

OK trendwatchers, this time, Nora Young talks about how her experience watching the U.S. presidential election results has made her think about the disruptive state of TV right now. Who is a broadcaster now, anyway, when you can watch live TV coverage on Apple TV and original content on Netflix? Has your TV watching behaviour changed? If you’re changing the way you watch, does that leave you more open to ‘switching’? Also: Google announces voice search. And in other news, are you watching Breaking Bad?? Is it as addictive for you as it is for Cathi and me?

Meanwhile, Cathi Bond has TWO stories about tech and rocking chairs! There’s the rocking chair that charges your idevice at the same time, and the rocker that knits you a hat while you rock (via Gizmag).

Here’s the trailer for Netflix’s House of Cards

The Sniffer, Sept 16th, 2012: Cutting Edge Architecture from the Venice Biennale

Cathi Bond is just back from the Venice Architecture Biennale, which features the latest thinking about architecture and development. This year’s show is called Common Ground, and Cathi finds it an apt term, as she finds themes of sustainability and community enliven the mind and boost the spirit.

Nora Young talks about the new Kindle Serials plan (via Fast Company), and wonders whether this is good for writers and readers. If you’re a writer, what would you make of this? As a reader, would you contribute to the critique of a writer you like?
Update: We had a problem with the original audio file, which will be the one you have if you got it on the evening of Sept 16th. New file in place now. Thanks!

The Sniffer, July 8, 2011: Trends in Sustainability and Architecture

In today’s trendwatching podcast, Nora Young mentions this article from Triple Pundit on overcoming the stigma of sustainability (via PSFK). Surveys show people identify sustainability as either elitist, or for ‘granola’ types. If sustainable costs more to produce, is there a way around this?

Perhaps the answer lies in size. Cathi Bond talks about Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture’s plan for the Wuhan Greenland Center. It’s huge, and resembles London’s ‘pickle building‘. It also has many sustainable features, such as re-use of grey water. Nora wonders if sheer size can bring down the cost of sustainable design.

Trends in Sustainability and Allergy Relief

In today’s podcast for trendwatchers, Nora Young talks about Michael Sammet’s look at the coming idea of Sustainability 3.0, centred around the idea of adaptability (via Core77). Plagued by hay fever? Cathi Bond has a look at some handy nasal caps that might stop the pesky allergens and, er, droplets (via Gizmag).

Rural Special: Trends in Farming 2.0 and Keeping Wildlife at Bay

Yee haw! It’s a sniffer rural special. Nora Young talks about a couple of new tools designed to tap into the rural chic trend that we’ve talked about. First, there’s LoveFre.sh a UK startup designed to connect people to fresh produce in rural areas (Via The Next Web). There’s also Meine Ernte (via Trendwatching)

Meanwhile, Cathi and Nora get into a country mouse vs. city mouse yap about what to do about pesky wildlife. Cathi looks at the Taser Wildlife ECD (via Gizmag)

Trends in Cool Transit and Safe Water

In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young mentions the Shweeb bicycle-powered monorail.  Too bad it was on an old episode of thesniffer!  How embarrassing. Anyway, the update is that Google has now put money into funding it.  Cool project (via Business Insider)

Meanwhile, Cathi Bond looks at a cool idea for making water safe to drink.  It’s a tea bag-style affair.  Check it out via Gizmag.

Trends in Style and Cradle-to-Cradle

In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young looks at news that Old is the New Black! (Via JC Report). What do you think it fueling Old Chic?

Cathi Bond takes a look at new research out of Stanford. She has a really interesting example of turning waste byproducts into something useful: rocket fuel! Do you have examples of innovative approaches to using up waste byproducts? We’d love to hear about it.

Trends in Self-Tracking and Cool Concept Cars

In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young talks about the new Hitachi Life Microscope, as yet another example of the growing trend in monitoring the body (via Medgadget). Are we set to take our tendency to be diarists of our lives to a new level? Do you track your fitness or other physical activities?

Cathi Bond shows off this cool concept car, the Yez, which is based on research into artificial photosynthesis via InnovationToronto). Are you thinking of buying an alternative fuel vehicle?

Trends in Alt Transportation

In this episode for trendwatchers, Nora Young talks about the booming business in high end and also custom bikes, like these gorgeous ones at Core77.  Nora’s torn: she loves them, but does everything we do have to come with a shopping experience?

Meanwhile, Cathi Bond has been obsessed with variations on monorails for ages.  She’s just found this cool spin on it: String Transport Systems. (via Gizmag)  Now, can anyone explain how it works?

Trends in Green Cell Phones and a Sign o the Times in Retail

In this trendwatching podcast, Cathi Bond talks about Samsung’s new Restore cellphone.  It’s cute! It’s green (literally and figuratively)!  It’s a follow-up to its previous Reclaim phone.  The Reclaim featured mostly corn-based bio plastics, and was mostly recyclable.  With the Restore, it’s 84% recyclable, and the shell is made of more than 25% post-consumer recycled material.  (via Gizmag).  What do you think?

Cathi also discusses Indonesia’s plan to get geothermal power from volcanoes (via Inhabitat)

Nora says it’s a sign of the times that New York’s Limelight, which began life as a church before becoming a much talked about nightclub is now set to be…a mall!  A sign of the times, as shopping seems to be the new religion. That said, it does look pretty swell! (via JC Report)