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Trends in Content Creation and Apps

Cathi and Nora are back, but Cathi’s on the injured list!  Check out the gory details!

In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young mentions AOL’s new plan to relaunch themselves as content creators. Part of their strategy includes monitoring very closely which articles are getting the most heat, and tracking what’s popular online. (Via Business Week). Is this just an extension of what MSM already do, or the future of a journalistic echo chamber?

Cathi mentions that thesniffer used to be with Rabble.  Nora refers to a great story about the history of journalism on the always excellent Planet Money.

Meanwhile, Cathi Bond weighs in on Apple’s recent decision to pull sexy apps for its phone/touch and presumably the iPad.  What do you think?  Creeping nannyism, or sound business decision as the iPad looks to be the family media centre?

Finally, Nora exhorts you to check out the hilarious Unhappy Hipsters.