The Sniffer, Sept 3rd, 2012: Trends in Drones, Fitness, and Furniture Hacks

Welcome back to a new season of The Sniffer: Decidedly Odd Since 2005! This time around, Cathi Bond talks about the Joggobot, a fitness coach project out of RMIT in Australia. It’s a drone (via Gizmag)! Check out the videos below. Have you seen a drone in action? Let us know!

Meanwhile, Nora Young talks about a very cool IKEA hack by designer Andreas Bhend (via Core77). Do you know anyone who hacks their IKEA products? Also, Nora mentions Asana, a productivity tool she started using recently. What are your fave productivity tools?

2 Responses to The Sniffer, Sept 3rd, 2012: Trends in Drones, Fitness, and Furniture Hacks

  1. Thanks for another engaging podcast! I always look forward to listening, but am behind sometimes so I can hear more than one at once.

    I love the idea of hacking real-life physical objects; Nora, you've talked about this before, here I believe and on Spark, and it's nice to see the video you included of it being done practically. It makes me want to take a trip to IKEA — and track down or construct more of the open-source practical hacks. My house is a bit chaotic, by nature, and if we could custom-design furniture to help with that it could be very cool. Pair that with 3D printing and the sky's the limit!

    By the way, I'm looking right now at Asana, and I'm going to try using it for a project I'm starting. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Question — what's with pairing it with a Google account? If it's hyper-useful, I'll do that — but, though I route my business email through Gmail for ease of centralization, I'd rather not use my personal email account for this. Is there a particular advantage? (I am hunting through the 'documentation' for it, but am having trouble finding something precise.)

  2. Hey Liquid!

    Thanks for the comments. I love the furniture hack too! On the practical side, it's a much cheaper workaround than having custom, and how often do we have trouble finding off the shelf furniture that fits the specific purpose we have – especially for things like storage. As for Asana, I don't know what the advantage of the Google account connection would be either. To be up front about it, I haven't gone that deeply into Asana, so there may be aspects I don't get.

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