The Sniffer, May 31st, 2012: Trends in Video Sharing and Self-Tracking

In this trendwatching podcast, Cathi Bond expands on the POV video and video-sharing trends (see her related coverage on Spark, here) with a look at Vergence Labs’ Kickstarter project in social video eyewear. It combines video-enabled glasses with a video sharing service. Are we all going to be capturing everything that goes on around us all the time?

Meanwhile, Nora Young looks at another quirky example of passive monitoring: tracking your pet! Fujitsu is set to release a device that attaches to your dog’s collar, which will allow you to monitor your doggie’s exercise. Cathi and Nora ponder what data their pets would reveal (via Technology Review).

5 Responses to The Sniffer, May 31st, 2012: Trends in Video Sharing and Self-Tracking

  1. Andrew Plumb (@cloth

    Thanks for the little shout-out in this episode! :-)

  2. You're welcome, Clothbot!

  3. Am I right in assuming that neither of you saw Kathryn Bigelow's film "Strange Days"? Because it immediately came to my mind while I was hearing you talk about these glasses.

  4. I saw Strange Days a million years ago, but I'm pretty sure it's a movie Cathi loves. I've gotta get her to weigh in on this!

  5. Hey Joao I actually own Strange Days on VHS if you believe it. I love that movie. So prescient in so many ways and Angela Bassett kicks ass. That whole idea of jacking into somebody's mind. It was also a very big part of Minority Report as well, if you recall. I do think that Nora and I are right about this particular trend, but we'll see.

    That from a woman who's been out filming Indiana Jones with her nephew using the glasses. :-) Thanks for weighing in. Hi Clothbot!

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