The Sniffer, April 23rd, 2012: Trends in Maglev and Powering Electronics

Greetings, Trendwatchers! In this podcast, Nora Young talks about a design for powering portable electronics such as your iPhone – with your breath! The Aire is a concept design (the technology doesn’t yet exist) by João Lammoglia, which features a mask that you wear, designed to harness the wind power of your breath. It’s kind of goofy, we admit, but beneath it lies a serious point: how are we going to power all these gadgets and devices we have? See images and more over at Fast Company.

Cathi Bond, on the other hand, continues to explore her love of Maglev technology with the Evacuated Tube Transport system (via Gizmag). Would you propel yourself through a tube halfway across the world?

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