The Sniffer, Feb 5th, 2012: Trends in Advertising and Eco-Housing

In this podcast episode, Nora Young gets her rant on about new trends in tech-flavoured advertising. Sure things like QR Codes are cool and all, but are you really interested in using your phone with them to get yet more ads? Tell us, would you interact with Coca Cola’s polar bears online? Read more at CNET

Meanwhile, Cathi Bond talks about the CHIP house, an experimental prototype in building a net zero energy house that competed in the Solar Decathlon in the US. Interesting design – could it be the house of the future? As an aside, Nora mentions all the cool things people are using Microsoft’s Kinect for, from research projects to art installations. (Interaccess featured a piece by David Rokeby that used the Kinect to allow visitors to interact virtually with gallery goers in Europe. I wish I could find video documentation).

And, just for fun, via Swiss Miss, this wonderful look at British coffee culture. Check it!

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