Trends in Robots and Retro Fashion

In this trendwatching podcast, Cathi Bond talks about Milan Fashion Week, and reports about the return, yet again, of 80s styling. On the upside, she’s happy about the neon brights (via the always excellent JC Report). Confess your 80s horror stories here. Did you have H.E.H. (Horrible Eighties Hair)?

Meanwhile Nora Young notes that Boston Dynamics, the people behind the BigDog robot, are set to make a cheetah-like robot, which, the plan is, will ‘run’ faster than a human (via Gizmag). Couldn’t you see Cathi on the farm with robot cheetahs on the prowl?

Cathi and Nora also mention the always-worth-another-viewing Minority Report, and the news that there’s a plan for a prequel and sequel to one of C&N’s most treasured movies, Blade Runner. What do you think about making a sequel or prequel to Blade Runner? What should it be called?

3 Responses to Trends in Robots and Retro Fashion

  1. I don't mean to quibble, but unlike lions, a group of cheetahs is referred to as a coalition, not a pride. Otherwise, thanks for a very informative show!

  2. A coalition of cheetahs! How fabulous! It suggests they're getting together to discuss some very important business.

  3. Is that true Gabriel? That's a handy fact. What about cougars or panthers?

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