Trends in Self-Tracking and Cool Concept Cars

In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young talks about the new Hitachi Life Microscope, as yet another example of the growing trend in monitoring the body (via Medgadget). Are we set to take our tendency to be diarists of our lives to a new level? Do you track your fitness or other physical activities?

Cathi Bond shows off this cool concept car, the Yez, which is based on research into artificial photosynthesis via InnovationToronto). Are you thinking of buying an alternative fuel vehicle?

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  1. I, like Nora, am interested in keeping track of my progress in things like exercising. I recently bought a Garmin Forerunner 305. It's a training GPS you wear on your wrist, as well as a heart rate monitor. Using the software that comes with it (Training Center) or one of many free programs available (such as Sport Tracks), you can track your training. I can see how my heart rate climbs as I ascend a hill, and how my heart rate stays high afterwards, while running down the other side. You can train against yourself too, as compared with your time on a saved course.

  2. More China transportation news: A bus that drives over cars.

  3. Hi Anson,

    Sorry for the late comment moderation. I've been away, and your comment got caught in the spam catcher. The Forerunner sounds cool. Do you find it works as a motivational tool?

  4. @KevinC I can't believe Cathi hasn't mentioned that yet! It is so right up her alley!

  5. I think you guys just track yourselves because you're bored and want something to look at! :-) And thanks for the bus tip. Back Cathi

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