Trends in Cool Clothes and Cooler Cars

Today in trendwatching on the podcast, Cathi Bond brings you a look at Fall fashion 2010.  Lots of luxe fabrics, like leather, a definite ’80s vibe, and also a real ‘hard looks for hard times’ sensibility, with lots of sci fi influences. (Via the rather awesome JC Report). Would you wear these fashions?  Nora likes the minimalism and the hard edge.

Meanwhile, Nora Young points out fun, gorgeous electric dune buggy-esque concept cars from Pugeot. Pacer meets Fifth Element meets dune buggy. Cool! (via Gizmodo)

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  1. Hey, guys.

    Speaking of the-future-is-now modes of transportation:

    It's a real jetpack! I real one! (In fact, I just added the word 'jetpack' to my Firefox dictionary so it wouldn't try to correct it when I typed it, cause they're REAL now! Wheee!!)

    And there's a video on the site you can watch, too. Of a guy. In a JETPACK.

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