The Return of Old Trends: Moleskine and Grunge

In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young talks about the return of the Grunge aesthetic in high fashion, something she’d noticed on the street in New York over Christmas, and here in Toronto, but thought of as ‘hoser chic’. (via JC Report).

Meanwhile, Cathi Bond describes the huge popularity of the Moleskine line of notebooks in Japan (via Japan Times)

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  1. Love the Moleskine. There are websites for users, such as (discussion about the notebooks and links to websites/articles about them) and (for people to post artwork drawn in the notebooks)

    And I do use Moleskine (which I understand is pronounced a 'Mol-eh-skeen-eh')

  2. I love the moleskines, too. I can't help to think of the possibilities of what I can fill them up with. too bad they are so expensive as compared to regular sketch and notebooks.

    My favourite are the Moleskine City ones which is a moleskine dedicated to a specific city in the world. It comes with a map (even for transit), sheets of blank paper, tabbed sheets to write down restaurants, hotels, landmarks, etc and even tear out sheets and tracing paper! It's like designing your own travel guide.

  3. I love moleskines. I have heard it pronounced moleskin, but mostly mole-skine (like skeen). Whatever the pronunciation, these are the best ever. A company in San Francisco is making a wonderful folio cover for them that holds pens, etc for the larger moleskine. A few nice pockets and all zipped in. Not a member of this company, just happen to be one of the first 15 to be chosen for a prototype of the folio. Check it out.

    I use them for sketching, journaling, addresses, etc and have been addicted to them for about 10 years. Hope they never change the design or put some hidious label on them. The simplicity is what I love.

    I found your site on the molskinerie website. Will put it down as a favorite – anyone who likes moleskines is a good egg in my book.

  4. I discovered Moleskine notebooks a couple of years ago. At the time I thought that I was the only one that was that anal about which notebook that I use and which pen etc. turns out that their are whole communities dedicated to using great notebooks and pens and to creating methods for using them or modifying (hacking) them.

    Two blogs of note are and

    Happy writing!


  5. Wow, glad to see there are so many Moleskine freaks out there like Cathi and I are…and thanks for the pronouncer! My friend Wendy gave me two teeny tiny ones as a Christmas present in two very slightly different shades. It's practically a fetish!

  6. Oh, also, Daniele, I agree. They're awesome for a city you visit on a number of occasions because that's the kind of info you forget….the kind of 'where was that cafe where we had that great coffee…' info that you write in those tabbed sheets!

  7. I learned about them from my best friend John, who told me to take one on my first trip to London. He carried one with him always and wrote down everything that was of interest. A quote, an address, a sketch, a thought, anything. He used them for travel and also every day. It's a wonderful way of remembering things.

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