Trends: Today in Robot News

In this trendwatching podcast, it’s a robot special!  Nora Young talks about this BBC report on a play featuring human and robot actors. Cathi Bond thinks the play, “I, Worker” is something Samuel Beckett would have liked. Meanwhile, Cathi Bond talks about Feelix Growing, a new project to design robots so that they can respond appropriately to human facial expression.

Cathi’s also a good egg. She donated $$ to wikipedia!

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  1. The difference in nuance between live interaction and virtual media like e-mails, twitter and weblogs interests me, too. This weekend, though, I have been fascinated by a 1983 video in how to use robots in an analog setting to teach children to move from literal thinking to symbolic thinking about math and geometry. This is part of my fascination lately with Seymour Papeert's work with the children's Logo programming language. The videos about the talking turtles here:
    seem amazingly prescient–and also predictive of ways in which the new media create possibilities for increased interconnection, rather than merely "limitations".

  2. hey Gurdonark,

    Thanks for this; it sounds fascinating. I'll check it out!

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