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The Sniffer, Oct 23rd, 2012: Social Media Blues and Human Intelligence Online

The Sniffer takes a serious turn this time around. Cathi Bond, like so many of us, has been thinking about the nature of behaviour on social media, in the wake of Amanda Todd’s suicide. She was bullied online and in person, but we wanted to know: Do people behave differently online, or is bullying simply bullying regardless of where it occurs?

Nora Young’s been noticing some new examples in the ongoing push to capture something like “human expertise” online. She talks about a number of services, including Quora, Sulia, Branch, and Swift River. Where do you go to get expert advice?

The Sniffer, Jan 23, 2012: Trends in Social Media and Employment

On this week’s podcast, Cathi Bond is feeling inspired by her participation in 1,000 Songs, a Facebook group about music, coordinated by arts guy about town, Jim Shedden. She’s discovered great tunes by The Cowsills and more. If you can’t get depth from long form journalism, maybe social media is the answer after all.

Meanwhile, Nora Young talks about this article in Technology Review, about the impending job loss as a result of the rate of change in computer technology. It reminded Nora of this article by Farhad Manjoo. Oh, and watch out for flying robots.

After we recorded this podcast, Nora thought it might make for an interesting topic for Spark. If you’d like to hear more, here’s the full interview with Andrew McAfee, co-author (with Eryk Brynjolfsson) of Race Against the Machine.

Cathi continues her search for novelty personal transport with the Seabird personal submarine. Check it out here!